The GOP’s IQ points seem to mirror their poll numbers (about 7% last count), which is primarily due to their laziness (this congress is the least productive in American history) and their childish behavior. We all remember quotes from conservaturds like Allen West who said, “If Joseph Goebbles was around he’d be very proud of the Democrat party.” And Joe Wilson’s lack of respect, decency and tradition when he yelled out to President Obama during the State of the Union, “You lie!” And of course there’s many, many more. But what’s particularly groundbreaking is that no sitting Congressperson ever before, compared the other party to Nazis or screamed out during a State of the Union — like he was at a prep rally in high school – when the president was speaking. But today, Darrell Issa pulled a new childish stunt that would make any 13-year-old girl — who was in study hall when the teacher stepped out of the room –proud.

Since Issa has subpoena power as House Oversight Committee Chair, and apparently can’t find anything else to do —  he’s been beating a dead horse by holding hearings concerning the IRS being suspected of auditing right wing groups. After no evidence has been demonstrated of this after many months and that the IRS was just as interested in left wing groups as well, Issa stubbornly continues to waste the tax payers money and time by carrying on these hearings just the same. But today when ranking member Elijah Cummings (D) Maryland tried to question the whole goofy ordeal, Issa declared the meeting adjourned and cut off Mr. Cummings microphone! He also told everyone in the room they were free to go, however no one moved.  Indeed a new child-like low for the GOP Conservaturds. VIDEO

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