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Mitch McConnell addressed the 2014 CPAC Conference brandishing a gun for effect. No need for intellectual discussion here, hell no! We don’t need any policy discussion or new ideas to strengthen this party. “Jest bring yer gun an’ yell ya-hoo!” McConnell stooped lower than dirt and, you know what?  it worked! Yep, just by holding a gun up, conservaturds started a-chawin’ up all that thar red meat like crazy! SALON



The GOP’s IQ points seem to mirror their poll numbers (about 7% last count), which is primarily due to their laziness (this congress is the least productive in American history) and their childish behavior. We all remember quotes from conservaturds like Allen West who said, “If Joseph Goebbles was around he’d be very proud of the Democrat party.” And Joe Wilson’s lack of respect, decency and tradition when he yelled out to President Obama during the State of the Union, “You lie!” And of course there’s many, many more. But what’s particularly groundbreaking is that no sitting Congressperson ever before, compared the other party to Nazis or screamed out during a State of the Union — like he was at a prep rally in high school – when the president was speaking. But today, Darrell Issa pulled a new childish stunt that would make any 13-year-old girl — who was in study hall when the teacher stepped out of the room –proud.

Since Issa has subpoena power as House Oversight Committee Chair, and apparently can’t find anything else to do —  he’s been beating a dead horse by holding hearings concerning the IRS being suspected of auditing right wing groups. After no evidence has been demonstrated of this after many months and that the IRS was just as interested in left wing groups as well, Issa stubbornly continues to waste the tax payers money and time by carrying on these hearings just the same. But today when ranking member Elijah Cummings (D) Maryland tried to question the whole goofy ordeal, Issa declared the meeting adjourned and cut off Mr. Cummings microphone! He also told everyone in the room they were free to go, however no one moved.  Indeed a new child-like low for the GOP Conservaturds. VIDEO


Rudy_PutinRudy G, or more affectionately known as  ”America’s Mayor,” sure loves Putin’s style, and his leadership skills, oh and his ability to make super fast decisions yada, yada… In fact Rudy is just so impressed by Russian President Putin, that apparently he doesn’t allow this little issue about invading Ukraine to darken his great image of the man. These conservaturds sure love their presidents who know how to invade another country. It’s all here on Fox Noise.

Secretary of State John Kerry on Meet the Press

Secretary of State John Kerry’s quote on today’s Face the Nation was rather poignant, to say the very least. He seemed to be making a veiled attempt by warning Putin that a Russian invasion of Ukraine might end up resembling the horrible mess that President George W. Bush made when he invaded Iraq.

I simply cannot believe that John Kerry’s words were not intentionally selected. Kerry is a seasoned statesman with years of experience including: United States Navy officer and voice for troops returning from Viet Nam, U.S. Senator, Democratic Presidential nominee and Secretary of State. He’s also supported by a team of competent staffers who eyeball almost every vowel that he expresses to America and the world.

Personally, I believe Kerry’s words were pre-selected as a warning to Putin.  Kerry may have been attempting to display to Putin just how dangerously close he is to walking the same lowly path that a former U.S. President had once walked. Although I don’t want to debate that decision and risk going off point, I do want to illustrate facts to support my overall point which are: the supposed weapons of mass destruction that the Bush administration claimed Iraq had, were never found. The Iraq war is currently raging on, even a decade after he invaded it and last month the body count was nearly identical to what it was when President George W. Bush was preparing to leave office. Bush spent three trillion dollars in Iraq with tepid results. Many economists on both sides of the political divide believe that’s a huge reason for our current U.S. debt. President Bush taxed our military to the point where troops have been committing suicides at record rates, surpassing the old statistics of both world wars and even Viet Nam.

These are all valid points Putin must be weighing when he considers any Ukraine invasion. If he thinks he’s going to move in and restore order, all he needs to do is take a good look at: Syria and it’s four years of civil war, Thailand who may be on the brink of war, Libya who killed their dictator and who are now marred by civil war and South Sudan who successfully split from Sudan to the north by forming their own county in a democratically demonstrated vote and yet are now in the beginning stages of a bleak civil conflict. Besides that, Russia isn’t all that skilled at the invasion game. They’ve already garnered poor results when invading places such as Chechnya, Afghanistan and Georgia.

Secretary Kerry’s approach is brilliant. Instead of inciting heated rhetoric and cold war tough-talk-tactics with Putin, he’s utilized a clever helping of psychology.  Of course, we don’t know what is actually being said behind the scenes. Explaining to Putin that he runs the risk of looking like President Bush — complete with his “mission accomplished,” bragging rights  — if and when the Russian invasion of Ukraine does start to tank, it won’t flood the martial arts mavin and shirtless-horseback-riding and fearless leader Vladimir Putin in a very attractive light.

Here is Kerry’s quote:   It’s an incredible act of aggression (and) it is really a stunning willful choice by president Putin to invade another country. … You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.”




Sens. Jerry Moran of Kansas and Dean Heller of Nevada were the ONLY members of the GOP who voted for the necessary assistance that would have provided $21-billion for a number of veterans benefits including mental health and job training for some of our troops who are most in need. While Sen. Sanders (D-VT) sponsored the bill and demonstrated it would be paid for from the money they would save by winding down the Afghanistan conflict early, Republicans such as Jeff Sessions (R-AL) had no desire to spend that money on the troops. (hmmm, ya don’t mind paying to send them to war, but you won’t spend a dime re-training them so they can support their families, or for the severe mental health problems they suffer from).  As Sanders stated so elequently on the Senate floor while the bill fell to a crushing defeat: “I personally, I have to say this honestly, have a hard time understanding how anyone could vote for tax breaks for billionaires, for millionaires, for large corporations, and then say we don’t have the resources to protect our veterans.” story: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Rand Paul thinks the GOP must change their tune, or they will wither and die. Really? Ya think???

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