Monthly Archives: February 2014


Sens. Jerry Moran of Kansas and Dean Heller of Nevada were the ONLY members of the GOP who voted for the necessary assistance that would have provided $21-billion for a number of veterans benefits including mental health and job training for some of our troops who are most in need. While Sen. Sanders (D-VT) sponsored the bill and demonstrated it would be paid for from the money they would save by winding down the Afghanistan conflict early, Republicans such as Jeff Sessions (R-AL) had no desire to spend that money on the troops. (hmmm, ya don’t mind paying to send them to war, but you won’t spend a dime re-training them so they can support their families, or for the severe mental health problems they suffer from).  As Sanders stated so elequently on the Senate floor while the bill fell to a crushing defeat: “I personally, I have to say this honestly, have a hard time understanding how anyone could vote for tax breaks for billionaires, for millionaires, for large corporations, and then say we don’t have the resources to protect our veterans.” story: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Rand Paul thinks the GOP must change their tune, or they will wither and die. Really? Ya think???